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Founded in March of 1996 by CEO Steve Einzig, WEDDINGENTERTAINMENT.COM was the first booking agency on the internet offering clients from around the world access to big-name entertainment. "I had worked for Richard Nader, a big New York concert promoter for several years,” says Einzig. "We were producing shows at venues like New York City’s Madison Square Garden, Carnegie Hall, and the Meadowlands in New Jersey. I then had the honor of being one of the two agents for James Brown for a few years. In 1995, I started to read about the internet, and I figured if this internet thing caught on, it would be the perfect avenue to allow clients who were looking to book A-List entertainment the ability to find me instead of me have to find them. I then decided to combine my agency and production knowledge to offer a complete turn-key service to these people, allowing them unprecedented access to book any act in the business for their events anywhere in the world."

The rest is history.

Over the last 23 years, WEDDINGENTERTAINMENT.COM has maintained its place as the global leader for accessing big name entertainment for private parties, public concerts, corporate events, and fundraisers worldwide. "Our clients include high net worth individuals, corporations and promoters from around the world.” says Einzig, "Our high level of customer service and attention to detail means that no matter where the show is to take place, whether it be a yacht in the Mediterranean, a beach in Barbados or a rooftop in New York City, we will be onsite to make sure everything runs smoothly form load in to load out."

It's a simple concept; give buyers around the world a brand name website where they can go to contract any big name entertainer, band, DJ or celebrity for their events. If we don't contract an act for them, it doesn't cost them a thing. Now everyone has a contact in the entertainment industry.

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